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Owen Design Co

​Adam Owen is a Creative Director at Owen Design Co, an Austin TX firm specializing in OOH design and banding. Adam has designed billboards for over 20 years for more than 100 billboard clients. Adam is a Vendor Associate in the IBOUSA.

You can reach Adam at or 336-209-4138.

Way back in 1996, my first gig out of college was working for a sign company in Wilson NC.  One of my earliest tasks with that company was to paint over some 5 or 6 poster panels that had reverted to the landowners and essentially became on premise signs.  I learned how to do hand painted lettering, cut or printed vinyl application, pounce patterns, and suspend myself 10-200 feet off the ground when need be. After that, I got in with a larger national billboard company as a designer, but I really felt like the sign shop was an awesome first step.

I’m seeing a lot clients doing seasonal branding.  Also, overall I’m seeing people change out their creative more often, instead of sticking with one design a year.  Another trend I’m seeing is social media is being included in everything now, either a hashtag or a logo for Instagram and facebook always seems to make its way in.  One other trend I am seeing a lot of is NOW HIRING ads, are popping up almost daily and in all industries.

As cliche as this sounds, The computer is just another tool.  I’m someone who still likes to sketch up a rough idea of the layout, before I take it into the computer.  I know some designers who use templates, but I prefer to think on my feet and let the design be a living breathing thing with moving parts.  Type, imagery, color all react differently with each other… AND its got to be readable from 100-200 feet away.